Dry Scalp & Skin Oil 4oz
Dry Scalp & Skin Oil 4oz

Dry Scalp & Skin Oil 4oz

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Our dry skin & scalp oil blend was carefully chosen to help with dry scalp and dry skin issues. The purpose of this oil is to aid in hair follicle strengthening & repair. Each oil targets dry skin & scalp to help with the regeneration of healthy skin. Properties of this oil target: Cell regeneration, antiseptic properties, microbial properties, circulation stimulation, antibacterial properties, unclog follicles, soothe the scalp, and cleanse.

All Natural

Ingredients are safflower  oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, karanja oil, castor oil, blackseed oil, morninga, sunflower oil, amla oil, and essential oil blend totaling in more than 20 oils.

Morninga - is used to help damaged hair follicles quickly repair themselves; it also helps stimulate hair growth.
Black seed Oil - has anti - inflammatory qualities the scalp needs to be healthy and allow for hair growth. This oil is a natural soother and therefore helps an irritated scalp find comfort. Black seed oil helps improves the skins hydration and has a skin softening quality.
Sunflower Oil - is a natural soother and helps soothe the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Rich in vitamin E, this oil helps with moisture retention for longer periods of time.
Castor Oil - is a thick oil that helps to thicken the hair and used around the world to grow hair. This oil also moisturizes the hair and helps ease dandruff. This oil helps in moisture retention for the skin and is a dark spot remover.



Please check with us concerning known allergies, we are not responsible for allergic reactions. Different people have different reactions to various food items so please be sure to inquire to avoid any health issues.  Coconut oil can be replaced with an alternative oils. Babassu oil has similar consistency and health benefits of coconut oil. Contact us for more information.