Citrus Grove Butter

Citrus Grove Butter

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Our all natural Citrus Grove ( previously know as Shea Coco) Butter is moisturizing for the skin. It has vitamin E oil to help with wrinkles, and skin elasticity. It is vegan and gluten free. If you love the smell of a citrus grove on a warm afternoon, then this is the butter for you! Not too sweet, not too subtle, this butter is for citrus lovers!

Shea butter is sourced from Africa and it’s has a subtly nutty smell. Shea butter is used around the world to heal and repair damaged skin. The vitamins in Shea butter is the main component in skin regeneration and healing.

Cocoa Butter smells chocolaty and is very nourishing for the skin. Packed full of vitamins and Fatty acids, Cocoa acts as a natural skin barrier protecting the skin and locking in moisture.


Shea Butter- Softens the skin and has amazing healing property for the entire body.

Cocoa Butter- Forma protective barrier on the skin allowing for hydration and nourishment.

Lemon Oil- Helps control oil production, shrinks pores, tightens, and brightens the skin.


Best applied after a shower or bath allowing for full absorption, use to moisturize the skin and even the hair!


Please check with us concerning known allergies, we are not responsible for allergic reactions. Different people have different reactions to various food items so please be sure to inquire to avoid any health issues.