Chebe Hair Butter

Chebe Hair Butter

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Our 8 oz Chebe hair butter brings you ingredients from Africa and India with Amla oil. Chebe helps the hair seal in moisture, strengthen the hair strands, conditions the hair and prevent the hair from breaking. It even helps with curl definition. Amla oil is also a hair strengthener with many vitamins that are beneficial for the hair.  Other ingredients in this special mixture include Shea butter, mango butter, castor oil, and Babassu oil. Babassu oil is a good replacement for those with a coconut oil sensitivity with all of the same benefits. 

Chebe is a mixture of herbs, Shebe seeds, cloves, missic stone, and samour resin. This unique mixture has been used by the women in Chad to grow their 4C texture hair past their bottoms. Chebe works by strengthening the hair and allowing for maximum moisture retention. 
This product pairs well with our daily scalp oil that has over 10+ oils to help with scalp health and promote hair growth.


As with all of our products, this hair butter is made with natural ingredients that are gluten free and vegan safe. This product contains Shea butter, mango butter, glycerin, chebe, amla oil, essential oils, castor oil, babassu oil. For more information regarding the ingredients in this product please contact us directly. 

Shea Butter - Anti - inflammatory, helps with the reduction of irritation,  and great hair moisturizer.

Chebe - Softens hair, helps with moisture retention, and strengthens hair to prevent breakage. 

Amla Oil - Helps strengthen the hair strands, contains various nutrients and vitamins beneficial to healthy hair.

Babassu oil - Improves hair and skin health, anti - inflammatory, and anti - bacterial.



This daily moisturizer should be applied to the hair only and not the scalp. Use it daily to moisturize and strengthen the hair. 


Please check with us concerning known allergies, we are not responsible for allergic reactions. Different people have different reactions to various food items so please be sure to inquire to avoid any health issues.