Pear Hair Mask & Conditioner

Pear Hair Mask & Conditioner

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Our Pear mask and conditioner is rich, creamy, and Avocado based . This nutrient rich conditioner helps moisturize, adds shine, and conditions the hair. It’s packed full of Vitamins C, K, E, B5, B6, Potassium, and many more great things to help with hair and scalp health. It’s moisturizing, helps stimulate growth, and leaves the hair shiny in luster. Our Pear product doubles as both a mask and conditioner.


 All Natural

The ingredients we use are all from natural sources. We use honeysuckle and elderberry preservatives to extend shelf life. Our products are all natural and therefore require refrigeration to extend the shelf life. It is not uncommon for discoloration due to oxidation.

Avocado - natural source of biotin, helps soften hair and make it shiny. Packed full of potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, B2, D, and E.
Amla oil - has the ability to aid in dry scalp, reduce scalp dehydration, cell regeneration, and it's anti - inflammatory properties.
Coconut milk - has restorative properties for dry scalp and dry hair. Its full of Vitamins, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and has antibacterial properties.


Conditioner - Shampoo hair, rinse, and dry as much as possible. Add desired amount of conditioner into palms and apply all over your hair and scalp. Make sure hair is fully saturated. Leave on hair for a minimum of 30 minutes. For maximum results, leave on for a few hours in a shower cap and then rinse hair. Repeat this process one day every week for 30 days.

Mask - After shampooing your hair, use our hair mask for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours on clean hair. Rinse well until water runs clear. Repeat as often as you need a treatment.


Please check with us concerning known allergies, we are not responsible for allergic reactions. Different people have different reactions to various food items so please be sure to inquire to avoid any health issues. This product is not tested on animals, it is gluten free, and vegan friendly.